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Most of the business management experts and planning on whose table the decision whether your project will receive the required investment and funding pay extra attention to the executive summary page of your project proposal. The better you present your concept, the more powerfully potential investors would study your proposal. Therefore, when writing, pay extra attention to your executive summary. You can also turn to rankmyservice.com and check out some reviews of the popular help service to find the one you can rely on.

The above is why many experts emphasize writing an executive summary at the end of your proposal, as soon as you have a clear idea of how you intend to achieve your business goals.

Do you have a problem with writing a detailed executive summary that will catch the attention of investors? You will find the following helpful:

What’s an Executive Summary?

An executive summary is also known as a project summary. The main marketing document describes the most crucial aspects, financial specifications, and other essential details of a business idea. The objective of the document includes motivating potential investors as well as describe your business in more information.

Your executive summary must be short, well-structured, concise, and written at all times as against writing a long executive summary in a common language. An executive summary serves several purposes, but the primary function of an executive summary is to raise funds

If you want your project proposal to be taken seriously, your executive summary page must contain all of the following elements:

  1. Company Description

Once a company is already in existence, it is important to briefly outline the history, assets and facilities, products, and services that such a company has. Talking about the company’s sales and profit is also not such a bad idea.

  1. Project Description

Every investor is interested in knowing more about the essence of investing in your business and what you have to offer in return; therefore, provide a clear description of your business idea, products, and services.

  1. Business Goal

Be strategic when formulating your goals and indicate how you intend to achieve them.

  1. The Problem and Its Solution

What you are selling is the solution to the problems you have previously identified. Readers and investors alike want to see how your business and its technology can revolutionize existing business practices and issues.

  1. Market Opportunities

Investors are interested in knowing whether the company’s founders are about to pump money to understand the market truly. Show evidence that you have studied and fully understood the market size, growth rate, main driving forces, purchasing characteristics, etc.

In this section, you can briefly analyze your main competitors’ products and services and the competitive advantages you have.

  1. Technology Overview

The technology overview is the most critical section in an executive summary, especially for companies whose technologies are at their early development stages. As much as investors are looking to invest in a business based on new technologies, they still want these technologies and companies to make an immediate impact on the market. You are providing them with a technical overview of what you are trying to build.

  1. Business Model

Another crucial section in an executive summary is the description of how your business project will generate revenue.  Things to talk about here include how your way of doing business can maximize your competitive advantage. It is also relevant if you mention how you intend to sell your products.

  1. Main Stages of Development & Budget

In this section, you are talking about the goals that a company must achieve due to its funding. To do this, write a realistic budget and time frame to get to these stages of development and make plans for achieving the goals.

  1. Project Risks

It would be best if you highlighted the risk that may hinder the successful implementation of the project.

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